Legacy Retirement Group is a member of the Central Ohio Better Business Bureau, National Ethics Bureau, and the Dublin Chamber of Commerce. Our mission is to provide Retirement Solutions that meet your income needs, protect your assets, and preserve your estate for generations to come. At Legacy Retirement Group, we realize that your situation is unique, so we will build a custom plan to meet your goals and objectives. This is accomplished through exceptional knowledge, caring service, and a lifetime of support.

Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor has served and educated retirees for over 20 years. Over the years his focus has been on Complete Retirement Planning. He has a passion for solving these problems facing retirees today. Greg’s CPR process is designed to uncover potential problems or “cracks” in your planning and to provide solutions to fix them. Learn More


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Winning Retirement Radio

Greg and Kristin are the hosts of "Winning Retirement Radio,” a program designed specifically for pre- and current retirees. Receive sound advice about planning for retirement and learn about the latest trends in the financial world. Join Greg and Kristin at the following stations and times:

Columbus, OH
Saturday 1pm
Sunday 6am & 10am